The MAT governance structure adopts the strengths of the highly efficient and effective governance structure that has been key to Chepping View Primary Academy’s many years of success.

Members have ultimate accountability and can remove and appoint trustees.

Trustees deliver the three core functions of governance:

  • Clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding Executive Principal to account
  • Overseeing financial performance.

Executive Principal will also be the Principal of Chepping View Primary Academy whilst the MAT is still relatively small in size. The Executive Principal will also be the MATs Accounting Officer.

Principal Trustee will be the Principal of AVPA, accountable to the Executive Principal. As more academies join our trust other Principal Trustees will be added to the Board of Trustees.

The trust, whilst small, will not be appointing Local Governing Bodies and regular committees, with the exception of a Finance Committee. Trustees will all be allocated committee responsibility and these will be convened when required. It is our intention to deal with all matters during the 6 Board of Trustee meetings held each academic year. The Board of Trustees will be acting in the best interests of all academies in the MAT, the Principal of each academy will be reporting to the Board and will provide advice and guidance to inform decision making and strategy. This will ensure representation and prevent decisions being removed from the point of impact. Operating in this way means that the trust will retain responsibility for all governance functions for all academies and so does not require a formal scheme of governance delegation.